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Welcome to the Positive Mental Attitude quiz.

Welcome to the Positive Mental Attitude quiz.

Albert Einstein one famously said that the most important question anyone could ask themselves was: “Is this a friendly universe”? How would you answer that question?
How would you describe your present situation in terms of having things to be grateful for in your life?
If there are dreams and goals that you have not yet achieved, what, in your opinion, has so far prevented you?
Do you consider yourself to be a lucky person?
When you hear phrases such as “You are a creator, you have the power to create” or “You are one with the great I AM of the universe” Which of these best describes your inner response?

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Positive Mental Attitude

Here are your results for Positive Mental Attitude.

"The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude." - William James. 

Your score of 21 in this category shows a real sense of gratitude for everything in your life and the rare ability to enjoy and value each and every moment. 

You clearly have a wonderful Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). This attitude puts you into perfect alignment with how the Law of Attraction works. 

Of course, being positive isn’t effortless. Life is always going to throw challenges our way, and sometimes those challenges can be extremely tough – bereavement, illness, pain of separation etc… 
Even the most positive of us sometimes get kicked so hard, it takes a lot of time and a lot of will to get back on our feet and pick up the pieces. But that is the key differentiating factor in those who have a PMA – they get up faster after a fall, and because of this, they spend a greater part of their lives thinking creative and positive thoughts. 

Accordingly, their lives are simply better because they have accepted that which they could not change and then moved on. 

In the words of the Serenity Prayer… 

"God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can and wisdom to know the difference." 

If we accept the things we cannot change while remaining positive and actively working on the things within our control, we can ‘max out’ our PMA. 

And you can never be over-positive! Remember… 

“Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude!” 

Here are some great suggestions to help build up a turbocharged PMA! 
Surround yourself with positive people. Negativity is contagious. 

Read and listen to positive, motivational and inspirational material. 

Become aware of your thoughts and if you catch yourself thinking negatively, consciously switch to something positive. 

Devalue those negative thoughts – what use are they? Remember, a PMA is about working toward a good result in every situation. Isn’t it better to be constructively trying to create a better outcome than wasting our valuable mental powers dwelling on the problem? 

Value the lesson in all life’s trials and tests. 

Act and behave motivated even if you don’t feel like it, eventually your life situation will adjust itself to fit in with your positive attitude as per the Law of Attraction. 

What many have already found is that by nurturing a positive mental attitude, you will literally become a magnet for abundance and success. 

But you may still be thinking “Well I have a very positive attitude, yet I haven’t attained the things I long for.” 

But re-examine your positive mental attitude in light of how you value yourself, and the comfort zone in which you mentally live. Is your positivity about being successful only within the confines of your comfort zone? 

Outside of that comfort zone do you actually doubt your deservedness or ability to achieve what you want? 

An easy way to understand this better is to picture where you are now and start mentally building toward where you want to be. Let’s say you are earning $50,000 now and you have a target of $150,000. 

Move up in increments imagining an extra $5K at a time. Observe your breathing and the sensations in your solar plexus (your ‘gut feeling’). As you add on more, find the point at which your breathing has changed and you begin getting an unmistakable gut feeling telling you this doesn’t feel comfortable. 

Your subconscious speaks to you through feeling. It is generally recognized that the solar plexus, (that area just below the pit of your stomach) is where the messages are sent. Start to tune into it and it will become a handy barometer on your subconscious. 

Back to the experiment - let’s say you get subconscious feedback in your solar plexus at a figure of $95K. 

What does this mean? 

Is this your subconscious telling you that $95K is all that you deserve and no more? 
Actually, it’s a sign that this is what YOU have been telling your subconscious that you deserve! 

Your subconscious is like a parrot – it can only repeat what it’s been trained to say. 

Who trained your subconscious? 


Your subconscious simply takes directions from your conscious mind and follows these directions without question. 

You’ve shown that you have a great, positive attitude – now apply that strong will to aligning your subconscious with exactly what you consciously want! 

This can be done in a number of ways – and there is more on the tools and techniques to take control of your subconscious in the final parts of this report. For now, just remember that your subconscious is a bit like having an enormous army at your disposal, highly trained to respond to your every command. 

Will you leave them marching on the spot? – or marching around in circles by limiting your goals? 

Or will you trust in the power and might of this great army to overcome any obstacles and bring about whatever you ask? 

That is probably quite enough of the subconscious analogies. 

The message is simply: Don’t be afraid of taking conscious control and resetting your comfort zone boundaries. 
The limits are defined by you.

What's your next step?

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