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your very own Attractor Factor IQ.

Get your very own Attractor Factor IQ.

AF IQ is an innovative computer program quiz designed to accelerate the process of bringing theLaw of Attraction into your life. It uses questions to determine your unique profile.
Asking questions is a proven method of shifting our mindset. As you take the questionnaire, the very methodology of asking yourself questions willengage your mind and trigger completely new perspectives on old ways of thinking.
As you work through the answers, you are scaffolding your learning. In other words, new insights will be gained that keep building upon what you already know.
Based on your answers to a total of 25 questions across 5 categories, AF IQ will calculate your score in each category. It will then generate your very own free and personalized report. This report simply bypasses what you already know and instead delivers concise information of real importance to you.
Also included in your report is a tailored list of useful Books & CDs, targeting your specific requirements – empowering you to make an informed choice.
After all, we are each unique. So, when it comes to how we develop an understanding of the Law of Attraction, one size doesn’t fit all. Likewise, a book or piece of advice that greatly helped someone you know may not help you to the same extent.
AF IQ simply gives objective, customized advicedesigned to work for you.

You’re ready to start.

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Welcome to the first Smart Attractor Quiz - The Target

When you think about what you would like to manifest in your life, is it something you could easily and without hesitation put down in writing?
Are the dreams and goals that you have today very different to few years ago?
Think for moment about achieving something that you believe you really want. Say it to yourself in the present tense e.g....I am earning $200K per year in job I love... Now, become aware of your body's physical responses. Which below best describes the sensation?
We all know of individuals who are clearly very driven and motivated to succeed. Where would you rate yourself on that scale of ambition, determination and drive to succeed?
One key trait that many successful people share is persistence. If your friends/family were describing you, which description comes closest to what they might say?

You have reached the end of this quiz.

The Target

Here are your results for The Target.

Your score of 19 here indicates that you are extremely clear on your goals. 

You are already a step ahead because, while this can seem to be a simple area, it’s one where so many don’t manage to get clear – and as a consequence don’t achieve results. 

The following is not so much advice on target setting, (since you have done a good enough job already!) but some follow up thoughts and ideas that you may find of interest… 

Thinking Big: 

Most of us were brought up to believe that wanting ‘more than enough’ was somehow wrong or even immoral. Yet, this is the very core of our human nature – the impetus to grow and expand. Just as someone who has spent many years learning will not suddenly decide he knows enough and will learn no more, or one who has painted amazing artworks will not lose the creative impulse to paint simply because he has painted ‘enough’….likewise, accumulating wealth and the lifestyle that accompanies it, is a continuous process. There is no correct point at which we should stop and say “No more wealth for me, thank you.” 

If we did stop, who would we be benefiting? 

There is more than enough to go around, and so making the excuse that it’s somehow wrong to acquire great wealth is not logical or correct. 

In fact, it’s by having wealth that you are placed in a real position to help those less fortunate. 

The reason for making this simple point above is that many of us restrict or limit our ambitions in this lifetime. We set a target of, say, having a moderately successful business or a job that pays reasonably well. We tell ourselves that is all we need and besides, anything more than that would be pushing our luck. 

Did you ever lay on your back underneath the stars on a clear night? It’s probably something we’ve all done at some point. If you have not stargazed in the last few years, make a point of doing it. 

The perspective you get when lying on your back, gazing upward at the infinite expanse of stars in the universe is quite moving. How tiny everything is compared to that vastness! 

As you lie there in awe of the size, draw a comparison to your current goals and objectives in life. Don’t they seem very small by comparison to the sheer enormity of the universe? Then, multiply them into something far more ambitious – maybe to own a beachfront property, a sports car, a large, successful business. Look back to the stars and see how insignificant and tiny that desire still is to the universe. 

Do you think it would say “Oh no, you’ve been so greedy, I have nothing left to give anyone else now!”? 

Of course not! 

When deciding on the scale of your dreams, look to the heavens before you set those limits. 

Desire Versus Need: 

There is a saying “Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it!” 

Sometimes, we realize too late that the very thing we have strived for has brought with it disadvantages that were unforeseen. To avoid this happening, get back to priorities. As humans, we all share common needs – after the basics for survival are met – these needs can be summarized as follows: 

The need for intimacy… 

We all have a need to share our ideas, hopes and dreams with others close to us. We need to feel a deeper connection with at least one other. 

The need for purpose, goals and meaning… 

Our innate ability to analyze our circumstances and come up with creative new solutions is what sets us apart as humans. It is an ability that must be allowed the freedom to express itself, otherwise boredom and frustration sets in. 

The need for a sense of safety and security… 

We all need to feel our environment is basically secure and reasonably predictable. Financial security, physical safety, physical health and the fulfillment of other basic needs all contribute to the completion of this need. 

The need to get in touch with our spiritual side… 

At some point in our lives, even the most un-spiritual among us feel a need to understand our mortality, explore our connection to God or to somehow find a deeper meaning to life. If we never set aside the time to explore this part of our nature, the result is a sense of isolation, helplessness and anxiety as loved ones pass away and our own inevitable demise approaches. 

The real value in being aware of our core basic needs is that we remember never to sacrifice one of these needs in a single-minded pursuit of a goal. An example might be the workaholic, obsessed with reaching the top of the corporate ladder, but allowing his close relationships to suffer, type of person. What will his success be worth without a loved one to share it with? 

The end doesn’t always justify the means. If you are so hellbent on achieving something that you are effectively putting other parts of your life, such as relationships, spirituality, etc., on hold, then you may find that you’ve lost more than you’ve gained at the end of the day. 

Why do you want what you want? 

If you asked ten people at random what they would do with $1Million, you would likely get ten very different responses. For one, it may be to invest in savings with just enough to live on comfortably, for another it may be about taking a few years to travel the world in style, another may put the lot into a luxury home. 

In other words, we all have different dreams. But, did you ever wonder where your own personal dreams came from? 

For clues, we could look to our childhood, to our parents or adults who have influenced us as we grew up, or perhaps our friends or our siblings? 

It’s a really interesting exercise to analyze why it is that you want what you think you want. 

Ultimately we all want happiness. But figuring out what would make us really happy is not so simple. Many times we are motivated to want something based on ‘external’ influences. There’s nothing particularly wrong with wanting to live in a big house because your friends have big houses – or wanting to be successful at work to impress your colleagues. But, each of us has within ourselves, a set of talents that define us. If we got to a place where we could be doing something we love and are naturally good at – that, of itself, would bring us real, sustained happiness. 

Here is the thing… most of us go after goals that are all about material possessions. Very few of us – if given a wish by a genie – would wish simply to be doing something we love and are talented at. 

Most of us would ask for money. 

Yet, if we just have faith that, in following our heart’s desire and being true to our own unique talents, we will bring about all the wealth and abundance we desire, our lives would be far richer. 

Think of your goals in terms of what you want ‘to be’– not what you want ‘to have.’ 

The rest will fall into place - be true to yourself. 

Good luck on your journey! 
And in the words of an Old Irish Blessing.... 

“May you see God's light on the path ahead 
When the road you walk is dark. 
May you always hear 
In your hour of sorrow 
The gentle singing of the lark. 
When times are hard, may hardness 
Never turn your heart to stone. 
May you always remember 
When the shadows fall, 
That you do not walk alone.” 

What's your next step?

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