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New Image Group Limited

New Image Group Limited

Independent Adviser’s Report

In Respect of the Full Takeover

Offer by New Image Trustee

February 2013

Statement of Independence

Simmons Corporate Finance Limited confirms that it:

has no conflict of interest that could affect its ability to provide an unbiased report

has no direct or indirect pecuniary or other interest in the NIT Offer considered in this report, including any
success or contingency fee or remuneration, other than to receive the cash fee for providing this report.

Simmons Corporate Finance Limited has satisfied the Takeovers Panel, on the basis of the material provided to the

Takeovers Panel, that it is independent under the Takeovers Code for the purposes of preparing this Independent

Adviser’s Report.


Section Page

1. Introduction ............................... 1

2. Evaluation of the Merits of the NIT Offer .............................................. 5

3. Profile of New Image ..................17

4. Valuation of New Image ............... 38

5. Sources of Information, Reliance on Information, Disclaimer and Indemnity .................. 45

6. Qualifications and Expertise, Independence, Declarations and Consents ...................... 47


I. Comparable Company Transaction Multiples ................48

II. Comparable Company Trading Multiples .....................................50

1. Introduction

1.1 New Image Group Limited

New Image Group Limited (New Image or the Company) develops, manufactures
and distributes health and nutritional products. Its main products are based on bovine colostrum and include weight loss packages, colostrum drinks, infant formula, skin care products and dairy products. The Company distributes its products throughout Asia, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa through its
direct selling channel (the Direct Selling business) and through selected retail

New Image is listed on the main board equity security market (NZSX) operated by

NZX Limited (NZX) with a market capitalisation of $63 million as at 11 February

2013 and unaudited total equity of $24 million as at 31 December 2012.

A profile of New Image is set out in section 3.

1.2 NIT Offer
New Image Trustee Limited (NIT) sent New Image on 17 January 2013 a notice of
intention to make a full takeover offer for all of the Company’s shares that it does not already hold or control.

NIT sent its Offer Document to New Image’s shareholders on 4 February 2013.

Number of Shares Sought

The NIT Offer is for all of the ordinary shares in New Image that NIT currently does not already hold or control.


NIT is offering cash of $0.26 for each New Image ordinary share.


The NIT Offer is conditional on NIT receiving sufficient acceptances such that NIT holds or controls 90.00% or more of the voting rights in New Image (the Minimum Acceptance Condition).

The NIT Offer is also subject to the satisfaction of the following conditions:
no liquidator, receiver, receiver and manager, administrator, statutory manager or similar official is appointed.

no event or circumstance occurs on or after the Notice Date (17 January 2013) which has a material adverse effect on New Image’s financial position, trading operations, assets or liabilities or prospects.
no action, claim, litigation or proceedings is notified, threatened or commenced against New Image totalling in excess of $0.25 million.
no temporary restraining order, injunction or other order is issued which makes the implementation of the NIT Offer void, unenforceable or illegal.

Any of the conditions, including the Minimum Acceptance Condition, may be waived by NIT at its discretion. However, the NIT Offer must always be conditional on NIT receiving sufficient acceptances such that NIT holds or controls more than 50% of the voting rights in New Image (as required under Rule 23(1) of the Takeovers Code (the Code)).

Change in Circumstances

The NIT Offer contains provisions that if there is a change in circumstances on or after 17 January 2013 that impacts on New Image’s shares and the offer is unconditional or becomes unconditional, then an adjustment will be made so as to ensure that the NIT Offer results in the same financial outcome for NIT as if the change in circumstance did not occur. The changes in circumstance relate to New Image :

declaring, making or paying any dividend or any other distribution

making any issue of shares, convertible securities or other securities of any
nature by way of bonus issue

consolidating or subdividing its shares

making any issue of equity securities to any person other than by way of bonus issue.

Offer Dates

The offer is open from 1 February 2013 and closes at 5pm on 2 April 2013 (unless extended by NIT in accordance with the provisions of the Code).

Clegg Associates Shareholding

NIT is wholly owned by New Image’s founding chairman Graeme Clegg. Mr Clegg owns or controls 152,044,748 of the Company’s shares, representing 64.72% of New Image’s total shares on issue:

76,824,242 shares are held in his name (32.70%)

60,264,864 shares are held by Exotic-Corp Limited (Exotic), a company wholly owned by Mr Clegg (25.65%)

14,955,642 shares are held by NIT (6.37%).
We refer to Mr Clegg, Exotic and NIT collectively as the Clegg Associates.

Two other shareholders of the Company are associated with Mr Clegg:

Alan Stewart is the Company’s deputy chairman. Mr Stewart holds 1,100,000

shares (0.47%)

HWM (NZ) Holdings Limited (HWM) is currently the 4th largest shareholder in

the Company (behind Mr Clegg, Exotic and NIT), holding 11,866,551 shares
(5.05%). HWM was formerly called Huljich Wealth Management (New
Zealand) Limited. It changed its name on 10 August 2011.
Collectively, the Clegg Associates, Mr Stewart and HWM hold 165,011,299 shares,
representing 70.24% of New Image’s total shares on issue.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dr. Saravanan ND

Dr. Saravanan ND - Yoga and Naturopathy

Dr. Saravanan ND
ND - Naturopathic Medicine , D.Nutrition , D.MLD , CH - Hypnotherapy, Yoga and Naturopathy , Alternative Medicine , Hypnotherapist , Diabetologist , Dietitian/Nutritionist , Siddha , 13 Years Experience.

Saravanan is the chief naturopathic physician. He is a professionally trained and qualified naturopathic physician from Nature Care College in Sydney, Australia. Saravanan has also professionally qualified as a nutritionist from the same institute. 

He has also received further training in the USA, Canada, India, Japan and Indonesia in Siddha medicine, suk jok therapy, and sports therapies and body therapies.

Saravanan is a psychotherapist. He is trained in systemic family constellation therapy. He is trained by world's leading systemic constellation therapist like Dr. Bert Hellinger, Dr. Albrecht Mahr, Dr. Chrish Walsh, Dr. Stephan Husaner, and others.

Saravanan is also a Lifeline Therapy practitioner. He is trained by Dr. Darren Weissman. Dr Darren is the originator of the Lifeline Technique. [**Dr. Darren R. Weissman is the developer of The Life Line Technique, an advanced holistic system that discovers, releases, and interprets the root cause of physical symptoms and stress--emotions trapped within the subconscious mind. His mission is world peace through inner peace. ]]

Saravanan is a National Hypnotist Guild Board (USA) certified Master Hypnotherapist. He practices the 5 Path Hypnosis and he is also a certified teacher of 7th Path Self Hypnosis.

Saravanan is also a Reiki master and teacher. He holds his mastership in Usui and Tera Mai Reiki. He was initiated by Master Jeyabalan (Malaysia) and Master Lee Anne Hayes (Australia). You can book an instant appointment with Dr. Saravanan ND on

City Hall, Singapore
Naturopathic Therapies Clinic
The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, #03-19, Singapore 179803, Landmark : High Court, Singapore.

 Naturopathic Therapies Clinic - Image 2   
Naturopathic Therapies Clinic - Image 3   
Naturopathic Therapies Clinic - Image 4   
Naturopathic Therapies Clinic - Image 5   
Naturopathic Therapies Clinic - Image 6

MON - FRI, 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM
SAT ,10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Fees: SGD $138 

 Preventive Medicine,  Stress Management Counselling,  Naturopathy,  Diet Therapy,  Meditation,  Hypnotherapy,
 Auric Field Analysis,  Psychotherapy,  Systemic Family Constellation Therapy,  LifeLine Therapy,  Su Jok Therapy,  Reiki,

 Allergy Testing,  Stress Management,  Health Checkup (General).

 Yoga and Naturopathy
 Alternative Medicine


 ND - Naturopathic Medicine - Nature Care College - Sydney, 2005. 
 D.Nutrition - Nature Care College - Sydney, 2005. 
 D.MLD - Nature Care College - Sydney, 2005. 
 CH - Hypnotherapy - National Hypnotist Guild - USA, 2008 

 2003 - 2005 Resident Consultant at Ainsely Aged Care Facility - Australia
 2003 - 2005 Naturopath at Centre of Integrated Medicine - Sydney
 2006 - 2014 Naturopath at Centre of Integrated Medicine - Singapore
 2007 - 2008 Naturopath at East West Holistic Clinic
 2010 - 2016 Naturopath at Naturopathic Therapies Clinic - Singapore

Awards and Recognitions
 Physician of the Year, Singapore - 2013
 Medicine Man - Australia, Mutuju Clan, Ayers Rock. - 2004
 Medicine Man - Australia, Igawartha Clan, Lake Eyre, NSW - 2003
 Medicine Man - Philippines, Mindanao - 2004
 Siddha Vaidiya - Maha Siddhargal Trust, Brahmarishi Hill - 2008



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This fee is indicative and might vary.

NOTE: Fees is payable at clinic.There are NO charges for booking an appointment.

Naturopathic Therapies Clinic - Image 2

Naturopathic Therapies Clinic - Image 3

Naturopathic Therapies Clinic - Image 4


We provide psychotherapy services to help people with psychological problems to develop understanding about themselves and to make changes in their lives. For example, they may be suffering from anxiety, depression, grief reactions, personality disorders, or childhood problems.


Individualised treatment programmes are designed for a broad spectrum of psychological problems, such as:

Mood disorders, such as depression
Anxiety disorders, such as panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, social phobia, specific phobias
Grief and loss
Trauma and abuse
Health anxieties
Eating disorders
Sleep disorders
Learning and behavioural problems
Stress & anger management difficulties
Interpersonal relationship difficulties
The variety of treatment modalities and interventions include: 

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy where art making is used to allow people to express their worries and feelings in a different way, at their own pace.  Individuals do not have to be good at art. There is no right or wrong way to make art in therapy. Art therapy allows the person to make new discoveries and enable the person to make positive changes. 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapy where people learn to challenge their negative thinking and self-defeating behaviour. People feel more optimistic as they think in more positive and balanced ways and are better able to work and enjoy life.

Eye Movement Desensitization Re-processing (EMDR) is a form of psychotherapy suited for people who have experienced trauma. Eye movements are used to reactivate people’s natural healing processes.

Family and Systemic Psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy where families, couples, or individuals with systemic issues are engaged. This is in order to help them discover different ways of relating to each other that they find more amicable.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy deals with unconscious emotional conflicts that contribute to maladaptive patterns.

Schema Therapy is a form of psychotherapy where people’s schemas, or maladaptive themes or patterns in people’s lives, are addressed and healed. The goals of Schema Therapy are: to help patients to stop using maladaptive coping styles and to get in touch with their core feelings; to heal their early schemas; to learn how to flip out of self-defeating schema modes; and to have their emotional needs met in everyday life.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a brief form of psychotherapy that emphasises looking for solutions rather than focusing on problems.

Supportive Therapy is a form of therapy where people are supported and encouraged to cope with and solve their problems.

Psychotherapy Centre
IMH’s outpatient Psychotherapy Centre, located on Level 2 (above Clinic B, opposite the Woodbridge Museum) provides a quiet and conducive environment for patients who have been referred by IMH clinicians for therapy. The Centre is equipped with 16 therapy rooms, including an art therapy group room and a family therapy room. 

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday: 8am–5.30pm
Friday: 8am–5pm
Psychotherapy Centre

Case 1: I had stress and skin problem. After consulting Dr Saravanan Ganesan and taking the medicine given by him, the stress level has come down and skin appearance has improved lot, in fact I can say that it was cured.
I rate the service at the clinic as: VERY GOOD
C Sittaramane Taman Ho Swee

Case 2: 
My Challenges: I had problem/issues with my husband. It was going on for one year. I felt helpless, hopeless and stuck. I felt that the only way to change things was to get out of the marriage.
After a constellation session with Dr Saravanan. The change happened immediately. My husband became nicer and less stubborn, I did too. It changes the whole dynamics of our relationship. Our relationship was becoming better by the day. I was being more receptive to his changed behaviors. He could see the changes in my behavior and he decided to make an appointment for himself too. I was able to let go of the past and carry on with our marriage happily. I was not consistently happy; we took small steps that got better every day. His reaction towards me was not so angry anymore when I brought up the past. He is more patient and kind. He became more loving.
I rate the service at the clinic as: VERY GOOD
Tania Drysdale. Australia
Back pain which sometime lead to numbness and sharp pain on my left leg. I was facing this problem since the year 2007.
With Dr. Saravanan’s care, I am able to walk well now. No more pain killers and physio. I really feel like I have gained my life back. With Dr Saravanan’s advice and guidance on my food intake has really benefited me.
I rate the service at the clinic as VERY GOOD.
Vimala Ganesan, KKH, Jurong West St 92

Case 3: I was suffering from thyroid challenges, ear pain and body pain and had goiter on my neck. My thyroid levels have improved. My neck is not as big as before. My Body pain has improved; I am more active now. I’m feeling better and active. I’m still continuing with the supplements. I’m happy with the improvement and I will refer others to Centre of Integrated Medicine to consult Dr Saravanan.
I rate the service at the clinic as: VERY GOOD
Sardammal w/o Devadas Daniel Stirling Road

Case 4: Persistent cough for a long months. Based on Dr Velu’s herbal treatment it was cured within the week.
I rate the service at the clinic as: GOOD

Case 5: 
Back pain which sometime lead to numbness and sharp pain on my left leg. I was facing this problem since the year 2007.
With Dr. Saravanan’s care, I am able to walk well now. No more pain killers and physio. I really feel like I have gained my life back. With Dr Saravanan’s advice and guidance on my food intake has really benefited me.
I rate the service at the clinic as VERY GOOD.
Vimala Ganesan, KKH, Jurong West St 92

Why do you need Naturopathic support ?

Do you want to know what your projected health could be for the next 1 year ?
Do you suffer from a recurring health problem ?
Do you experience unexplained stress ?
Do you feel fatigued ?
Do you or your loved ones have cancer ?
Do you feel foggy and cannot remember things ?
Do you have allergies ?
Do you get infections regularly ?
Do you have skin challenges ?
Do you want to know how to stay healthy ?
Do you want to look younger ?
Our Physician at Naturopathic Therapies Clinic are ever ready to help you.

Register for a free 10 minute consultation from 2pm to 5pm Monday to Friday only.

Call 68365615 for an immediate appointment now.


We provide a comprehensive system of natural healing. We combine herbal medicine, psychotherapy and energy medicine with technology. Naturopathy applies evidence based non-invasive approach to heal you professionally and wholistically.
You will experience safe, non toxic, natural and comprehensive health solutions that will not disrupt your daily life. We help with pain, stress, skin challenges, diabetes and general health.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Anna Phua"s Cooking Class

(Enjoy $5 discount with advance booking)May Schedule 2012
7 May2012, Mon,2 pm / 7 pm,$65,
by Anna Phua.
Japanese High Fiber Kanten Jelly (1)
Kanten Mocha Pudding
Tokyo Almond Tofu
Caramel Egg Pudding
Chocolate Kahlua Pudding
Learned 23-April, class fee: $55
8 May2012 Tue, 2 pm / 7pm, $60
by Mrs Lim
Commercial Class
Oyster Omelette

Deep Fried Oyster Kueh

Deep Fried Choy Kueh
9 May 2012 Wed,2 pm / 7 pm, $65,
by Mdm Chee
Delicious Cake Making
Steamed Egg cake (Big)
Steamed Rice cupcake (Wa Ko Kueh)
Tiramisu Creps Layer Cake
10 May 2012 Thur, 2 pm, $85,
by Chef Akemi Yasui
Japanese Salad Series
• Tofu Lasagna White Sauce
Quick & easy meat sauce (use pork)
Tofu Cheese
• Japanese Cucumber & Jelly Fish Salad
• Japanese Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Salad
11 May2012, Fri,2 pm / 7 pm,$70,
by Mrs Lim
Traditional Delicades
Fried Traditional ''Mee Tay''

Steamed Alkaline Kueh (with syrup)

Fried Tapioca Flour Kueh
12 May 2012, Sat,1 pm – 4pm, $90,
Teacher Janice & Jean
Yummylicious Sweet Treats
Bluberry Roll Cake
Walnut Black Sesame Chiffon Cake
Crunchy Potato Chocolate Chips Cookies
Petite Vanilla Pound Cake
Feather Like Sponge Cake
Bonus:Refreshing Yuzu Drink
16 May2012 Wed,2 pm / 7 pm, $80,
by Mrs Lim
Vegetarian Dumpling Making
Vegetarian Nonya Dumpling

Hokkien Spice Vegetarian Pork Dumpling
18 May Fri,2 pm / 7 pm,$55,
by Mrs Lim
Traditional Ku Kueh
Traditional Aw Ku Kueh (salted green bean

Nonya Ang Ku Kueh (Green Bean Paste)

Yam Ku Kueh (Yam Paste)
19 May 2012, Sat, 2 pm, $55,
*$30for purchase of 3.5 P Juice Blender
by Anna Phua
Energy Boost Vege Fruit Juice
Breakfast Juice
Vege Fruit Soy Shake (treats constipation & for
radiant skin)

Banana Shake

Pumpkin Germ Cell Milk (increases immunity,
prevents constipation, energy)

Brown Rice Walnut Peanut Paste (de-stress, brain
and skin health)

Kiwi Energy Juice (super detox)
21 May 2012, Mon,2 pm / 7 pm, $65,
by Anna Phua & Susan Lee
Auntie Susan's Secret Recipe
Glutinous Rice
Coconut Huat Kueh
Nonya Kuey-Ko-Swee
22 May Tue,2 pm / 7 pm, $60,
by Mrs Lim
Vegetarian Cuisine
Special Vegetarian Sharksfin Soup

Sweet & Sour Vegetarian Crispy Pork Ribs

Vegetarian Mock Peking Duck
Blk 47 Sims Place #01-173 Singapore 380047 Office:62943588, ( 65) 67470069 Fax: (65 )67470021
Anna's Cooking Arts
May Schedule 2012,23 May Wed, 2 pm / 7 pm,$80.
by Teacher Jean
French Pudding & Cupcake
French Sweet Potato Caramel Bread Pudding

Mini Mango Cheese Cup

Strawberry Yogurt Mousse Cup

Chocolate Ganache Cupcake
24 May Thur, 2 pm / 7 pm, $85,
by Anna Phua
Commercial Gor Hiang Sausage Set
Fried Fragrant Bee Hoon

Pink Sausage

Crispy Prawn Bean Sprout Fritters

Water Chestnut Egg Cake

Gor Hiang

Secret Recipe Chilli Sauce
25 May 2012,Fri, 2 pm / 7 pm, $70.
by Mrs Lim
Commercial Class
Stock Fish & Peanut Congee

Economical Fried Bee Hoon

Fried Kuay Teow

Yam Cake

Marinated Green Chilli

Sambal Chilli
26 May Sat,1 pm -4 pm,$90,
by Teacher Janice & Jean.
Sumptuous Teacakes
• Chocolate Roll with Mango Pudding
• Citrus Tea Chiffon Cake
• Hot Chocolate Milk Sponge Cupcake
• Double Chocolate Topped with
Almond Crumbs Cookies
• Baked Donuts
Bonus: Bubble Tea Drink
28 May 2012,Mon, 2 pm / 7 pm, $55,
by Anna Phua
If Buy Juice Blender , Class Fees $30.
America Latest Healthy Fruit Smoothie
Pana Cotta Smoothie
Mint Cocoa Cooler
Mango Raspberry Smoothie
Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Chocolate Pudding
(without Fresh Milk using DIY Almond Milk)
29 May Tue, 2 pm / 7 pm, $75,
by Mrs Lim.
Chinese Restaurant Cooking
Stewed Kampong Chicken with Ginseng & Abalone

Mushroom Gui Hua Fried Yee Mee

Braised Oyster Sauce Mushroom

Braised Mushroom and Japanese Abalone Clams with

Belly Pork










Wednesday, April 26, 2017

V-Taper Solution

module 1 .

V-Taper and Adonis
What is the V-taper and Adonis? The V-taper is ratio of waist to shoulders. John and Brad have researched this for over a decade and it started with "Why do people go to the gym?” Is it health, or is it optimal shape? Whatever your motivation the outcome is BOTH. When you achieve the ratio or the pleasing shape (not necessarily a body builder shape) you get the health benefits of optimal testosterone along with optimal levels of the other important hormones and health markers. You get the best of both worlds.
Getting started
Having trouble getting started on your fitness routine? Whether you are just getting started or getting back into your routine after a break, it can be hard to get moving. John and Brad give you some ideas for getting started in today’s podcast.
Back to basics
What are the most basic items that you must get a handle on if you want to change your body? In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss the basic principles that are essential for getting in shape. It’s simpler than you think!
A systems approach to health
You might be surprised how much your environment impacts your ability to make and maintain a lifestyle change. In this podcast we discuss how these factors affect your abilities, attitudes and success level with improving your fitness and health.
80/20 rules VS icing and cake
So, what are the real "rules" for fitness and fat loss? How do you sort out what is truly important to focus on vs. what is just "white noise"? In this podcast we discuss the primary drivers to focus on that will keep you on track and maximize your efficiency.
How muscles really grow
We review the latest research on muscle adaptations to strength training & determine how much of a muscle we can really activate while working out & what is necessary for maximum muscle growth.
Bulking conspiracy
John Barban & Brad Pilon talk about the conspiracy supporting "bulking". They expose the perpetrators, show you that almost everyone is working against you, & why you need to be aware of the truth.
Orthorexia and food cults
Orthorexia is defined as an unhealthy obsession with health food. Ironic to say the least. In this podcast we discuss how many of the diets that people follow take over other parts of their lives.
When does bodyweight matter
In this podcast, we discuss where the break points are for using body weight, body fat % and measurements as an accurate way to track progress. In the end, all that matters is the mirror.
Is the calorie really "broken"?
Do you ever wonder what it means when fitness gurus say that the calorie is “broken”? Brad and John break it down for us. They explain what calorie estimates are and how we can best use them to achieve our fitness and fat loss success. Just remember that the calorie is not really broken, but how we use it and measure it can be.
module 2.
Optimal VS practical
Nutrition and training routines may be optimal, are they ideal or even practical? This podcast will strive to analyze what is optimal and provide you with ideal advice to fit within your lifestyle.


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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Self-Improvement Through FasterEFT Destroys Toxic Beliefs

Self-Improvement Through FasterEFT Destroys Toxic Beliefs

What makes you who you are? Whether you’re sick, poor, stressed or challenged – it is the creation of your mind. FasterEFT is a system devoted to changing your toxic beliefs, especially the ones you hold true about yourself, and through FasterEFT that can you realize your full potential.

Everyone holds a unique understanding about how the world works, no exceptions. You may gravitate towards a pool of like-minded people that you claim as your tribe, but in reality, everyone within that tribe still holds unique belief systems within their own minds.

This is the nature of the human mind, it cannot be duplicated or replicated.

Self-Improvement Through FasterEFT Destroys Toxic Beliefs

One thing that is obvious about the nature of the human mind is that it is capable of change. It can heal at an incredible rate and it can transform any emotion to yield self-improvement.

FasterEFT is the thinking system that aims to deliver the best of healing and self-improvement to everyone. It is the only mind-body healing system that has a complete understanding on manipulating the resources we hold within our minds.

The Mind – Powerhouse of All Transformations

The mind holds all the resources you need for self-improvement. The mind is so powerful that it can create your best life or work against you.

Our mental programming that creates our mindsets and belief systems create that which we call “life.” In other words, whether you have a good life or a bad life, it is dependent on how your mind understands the world.

The mind is a vessel where all good things begin to flourish before they manifest into the physical world. It is indeed true, but the law of attraction will not work unless that powerhouse is free from doubt and negative mental patterns.

The law of attraction is not biased; it never fails to be in alignment to what the mind dictates, whether that is good or bad.

So the question is, is it possible for the mind to be free of negativity? The simple answer is yes, but never in its entirety.

You see, negativity is relative to the person experiencing it, and so is positivity. What one person considers happy and blissful might be horrific to the next. That is why it is important for us to direct our emotional compass towards those things that we want to bring into our lives.

Our memories are the imprints of time that make us who we are. Our memories are responsible for how we formulate thoughts, reactions and perceptions about any given subject. In other words, our memories hold within them emotions of varying intensities that help our consciousness formulate a reaction about any given subject.

The greater the intensity of the emotions within an imprint or a memory, the more active it becomes as the filter we use to view reality.

As such, in cases of people suffering from Traumatic Stress, the episodes they experience are a creation of the mind because of the intense emotions carried within the memory. It then holds the power to control the body and produce an emergency reaction, even when there is no actual danger present.

Did you know we do this with everything? The subtleties of other life subjects may overshadow the fact that we react based on memories we hold about the subject. Such as for phobias, allergies and other life problems.

Self-improvement is about knowing the ins and outs of one’s mind. Let’s take money issues, for example. Unless you discover within your mind why you feel unable and poor, you will never be able to realize wealth.

How so? Because your perception about wealth will always be stuck on the same spot where your problem stands. Because of this, the mind will never use other resources that can be the source of wealth.

In other words, money is a mindset or having luck is a mindset, and unless this mindset is changed, you will always produce the same problems over and over again.

Destroying Toxic Beliefs – FasterEFT Memory Reimprinting

All the toxic belief systems that you hold true within your mind are the cause of your problems. Your belief in illnesses, pains and disorders are the very source of the physical manifestations of your illness.

Your beliefs about poverty, a bad economy or the inability to have marketable skills, is the source of your financial problems.

It is true that you will find ways to survive. That is what humans are good at, survival. What is not true that you need to suffer in order to survive. FasterEFT is a mind-body healing system that promotes wellness and health by memory reimprinting or by collapsing the toxic belief systems being used by the mind as a resource to view life.

It is a highly effective and actionable process that enables a person to excel in life and sustain their own happiness.

It is difficult for some people to maintain happiness because of the memories of past experiences that they cling onto. These are the very same memories from where negative reactions about life stem.

Meaning if you can reimprint these memories and be able to draw good or positive emotions from them, you change the game about how the world works for you.

Taking Action is the Key to Memory Reimprinting

Without acting on your problems, they will continue to reside in your mind and expand. Left unchecked, these negative memories will make you feel even more limited as time passes by.

Memory reimprinting is an actionable process, it is highly effective because it can help you understand “trances” you inhibit when you react to life. The FasterEFT Tapping Technique is a powerful way to reduce stress and negative responses, a process for anyone experiencing bad episodes in life which will directly affect their quality of living.

However, in order to really create positive life transformations, you need to dig deeper into the root cause of the problems or the symptoms of illnesses, and only FasterEFT can help you get there with noticeable changes.

“How to Change Yourself” the Basics – Level I Training Online


This Level I Training Online is designed for Personal Transformation with FasterEFT, and is the first step to become a FasterEFT Practitioner. This is the New Style of FasterEFT Training by Robert Smith using his most current methods and techniques.

Product Description

FasterEFT Practitioner Level I Certification Training

The Level 1 Practitioner Certification Training program is well pronounced as the user manual for your unconscious and conscious mind by many health professionals, laypeople and life coaches that is designed to deliver fast and profound personal changes for themselves and for clients.

Robert Smith, Founder and CEO of Skills to Change Institute Inc. is giving everyone an opportunity to discover the power to change and improve their quality of life, emotionally, financially, relationships and health, with a powerful set of skills.


FasterEFT is the best and the only personal growth system that you will experience at this age and time. This training includes the best teachings combined into one simple but highly effective program. The richness of the content goes deep to deliver profound changes. Discover techniques are guaranteed easy to apply but deliver quick results that speak for themselves.

Know Before You Start

Embark on a positive new journey, starting the FasterEFT Practitioner Level I Training will offer you a specialized training through many tools and techniques. You will get an action plan on how to address interpret and address issues and most of all meet an online community of like-minded people to practice and follow along with.

The program will enable you to address any issue and teach you the six basic ways of changing memories that is very essential in redesigning your new life and to eliminate hurdles to achieving success. Following the exercises within the program will allow you automatically experience emotional and mental changes.


What You Will Receive

  • FasterEFT Training Course Material ($395 value for free)

  • Monsters and Magical Sticks book (19.00 value for free)

  • Heal Your Body by Louse Hays (8.00 value for free)

  • An MP3 Audio Collection ($375 value for free)

  • The A.R.T of Change Exercise that will open the door to solving your problems ($600 value for free)

  • Four hours of Techniques Demonstrations Videos ($399.00 value for free)*

  • 30-Day Action Plan ($175 value for free)*

  • $1000.00 Training Discount on the full price of a Live Seminar Level I Training (1,497) anywhere in the world


The Online training gives you instant access to those videos and you can watch them on your computer, tablet, or smart phone in the comfort of your own home anytime you want.


Training Course Description

This course will present techniques in a simple, understandable way. It shows how stimuli or events in your life do not directly cause your emotional upsets. The course will show that your beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes, although physically felt, are under your control.

In this course you will learn how to get to the heart of your problems effectively by using a self-help procedure that works quickly.

Training Course Goals

  • To enable you to be in tune with your feelings and appropriately transform their impact.

  • To give you the skills to effectively handle challenges with more clarity.

  • To explain how emotions and stress work.

  • To teach you how to change by controlling your emotional and physical destiny.

  • To help you achieve profound changes and develop radically new outlooks on life.

  • To give you techniques for changing all areas of your life, beliefs, fears and attitudes which have limited your ability to be truly happy.

  • To efficiently show that you are in control of your emotional, physical and behavioral problems, and persuade you to take action

  • To show you that you can create positive desires, wishes, preferences, goals and values, as well as change your negative limiting beliefs.

  • To explain how to be independent and inner-directed and to think for yourself instead of being controlled by your environment.

  • To show you how to “take control” in an uncontrolled world, and experience happiness under difficult and “impossible” conditions.

  • To help you understand the main roots of mental/physical disturbances and be able to create changes in yourself.

  • To illustrate ways to be honest and to become an individual: first, “know thyself”; second, make wise choices by loving and accepting yourself; third, live a happy and successful life. This is your destiny.

Requirements for Certification Level 1

The Requirements are the same requirements as the Level 1 trainings live: For more information see: Track A Requirements.


Get the Life You Want Today!

Once you have logged in or purchased the course, you must enroll in the course by clicking on the “START TAKING THIS COURSE” button at the top of the page. Once you have enrolled, the course system will help keep track of your lesson progress so you can return at any time and continue where you left off.


Elevate Spiritual Well-Being Through Eutaptics

Achieving Psychological Flexibility is the Goal of Faster EFT

Eutaptics practice can elevate your spiritual well-being, whether you have just begun your spiritual journey or have an ongoing pact to improve your spiritual health. Spirituality is among the most discussed topics in life and stress management systems today. Perhaps it is because of the rapid advancement in science and technology that makes us rely on convenience, or the undeniable, unstable disputes among religions, race, governments and nations that pull many to seek spiritual healing above all else.

Our spiritual wellness is at the center of our being. It is the key generator of our values in which our purpose in life is aligned. Each person’s spiritual journey is a unique experience.

Spirituality and religion are not synonymous terms. A religion is a community of people with shared values and rituals. Religion is socially and publicly organized for a group of people who relate to a particular set of rituals, beliefs and understanding of the divine.

Whereas, spirituality is unique to each individual. It is a path, a journey or an experience that leads to greater understanding of life, living and creation. In a sense, spirituality is more abstract than religion and is not confined under a given name of an organization or under singular understanding of doctrines.

A highly spiritual person can be very tolerant to all religions, beliefs and faith of other people. Although religion is normally viewed as the vessel through which spirituality is found, it is not always the case.

Eutaptics is not a religion and will never be. It is a training system with a great focus on the mind to help improve a person’s psychological flexibility. Eutaptics practice can lead to improved spiritual health because the system itself destroys toxic belief systems that have accumulated since our very first day on this planet.

It is not always easy to recognize the existence of belief systems that block our paths to spiritual growth. Eutaptics practice helps weaken the structure of any thought that blocks your spiritual growth. It takes you to the present moment with a raised awareness about how and why your body responds to any particular thought or sensation. It is one process that can improve mindfulness and help you reap its benefits.

Religious Views and Toxic Beliefs

One thing that can lead to a heated argument among friends, neighbors or even nations is our varying and conflicting religious views. Each religion claims to hold the truth and each person who has sworn devotion to any religion will cling to it as the ultimate truth through which all the mysteries of creation are explained.

It is not to say that religion is a toxic belief. Religion can unite communities, spread peace and kindness and most of all, teach the meaning of love. But when religion is mixed with politics or used to cause division among the human race, it then becomes toxic and each is individually affected.

Everyone is affected by religious beliefs more than they would like to admit or recognize. There is an obvious link between our personal values and the religion that we believe in. When extreme religious practices begin to affect other aspects of our life to the point that they start to produce big problems, then it is time to call it toxic. There are other alternatives to resolving conflict, apart from radically quitting a certain religion or starting a revolution against it. Simply draw more strength from the spiritual aspect of your religion and transform it to help you grow.

Eutaptics practice can help you pinpoint your toxic beliefs relating to your religion or views on spirituality. It is a system open to all races, religions or genders – it is not aimed to introduce new beliefs about divinity and holy doctrines. Eutaptics practice can improve your tolerance about the diversity of this world in terms of faith.

Life Transformation Masterclass – Level 1 Online Training

The Level 1 Practitioner Certification Training program is well pronounced as the user manual for your unconscious and conscious mind by many health professionals, laypeople and life coaches that is designed to deliver fast and profound personal changes for themselves and for clients.

Robert Smith, Founder and CEO of Skills to Change Institute Inc. is giving everyone an opportunity to discover the power to change and improve their quality of life, emotionally, financially, relationships and health, with a powerful set of skills.

Achieving Psychological Flexibility is the Goal of Faster EFT

Achieving Psychological Flexibility is the Goal of Faster EFT
Robert G. Smith’s Faster EFT is committed to helping people develop coping skills that can hack through their problems to provide resolution to conflict.

The idea of creating psychological flexibility among people’s lives is what fuels the FasterEFT belief system.

All of the skills being shared and taught within the courses, blog posts and articles aim to show people how to achieve psychological flexibility and build sustainable happiness within their individual lives.

Why is FasterEFT Focused on Providing Psychological Flexibility?

Addressing a traumatic event, liberating people from pain and showing ways to let go of the past is undeniably important. But FasterEFT is more than just a mind-healing process. If incorporated within your daily activities and made a part of your way of life, a person can become empowered and equipped with knowledge to get past any of life’s hurdles, no matter how small or big they may be.

A shocking amount of evidence now advocates that becoming more psychologically flexible grants people the ability to be unstuck, outsmart stress, improve physical wellbeing, build meaningful lives and sustain happiness outside the hedonic treadmill.

What Exactly is Psychological Flexibility?

According to Biglan, Hayes, & Pistorello – 2008, “Psychological flexibility is the ability to contact the present moment more fully as a conscious human being and to change, or persist in, behavior when doing so serves valued ends.”

The definition mentioned above is exactly what every Faster EFT process is all about. We will now break down the definition and their correlation to Robert G. Smith’s work in FasterEFT to show you that it is the only mind-body healing process that, superseding other forms of therapies, can complement modern procedures to promote faster healing of the mind, body and spirit.

The following sections are the explanation of the broken-down definition of psychological flexibility:

Contacting the present moment more fully

“Contacting the present moment more fully,” suggests to truly be aware of the present moment without influence from negative or difficult thoughts and emotions. We define, interpret and live each present moment based on the records of memories stored within our subconscious mind.
Our unconscious is a powerful storehouse of information wherein the circuit of our current mental patterns are plugged in.

Acceptance of the previously mentioned statement about how the mind works plays a critical role in activating mental healing. Research shows that “willing” the mind to get rid of a negative memory of an experience only increases its stronghold on you. The reason for this lies in the fact on how the mind encodes experiences – both perceived and actual.

If, for example, a person who went through a very traumatic experience keeps on replaying the memories of the trauma, a new version of it is encoded within the cortex, creating multiple copies and building new links. This creates the structure of various versions of the imprints.

The undeniable reason why Faster EFT memory reimprinting works best in cases of trauma and the broad spectrum of Traumatic Stress Responses is because it has a way to hack through the various imprints created by the mind and find the imprint with highest frequency or the primary imprint.

The reason we call it primary is not to suggest that it is the initial record of a memory, but because it is the most emotionally charged imprint within the cortex. In other words, it is the most powerful network that fuels dominant mental and emotional patterns.

To promote psychological flexibility in cases of high trauma means retraining the limbic system to hold thoughts and emotions lightly, to rewrite a new version of the memory so representations of incoming experiences will be seen as an ongoing process without having to draw a reference from a difficult past.

Change, or persist in, behavior when doing so serves valued ends

Robert has always mentioned that we are all functioning in perfect alignment to what we hold as true within our unconscious. This is very critical to understanding this next half of the definition of psychological flexibility.

In other words, for us to be able to move towards our values we need to accept difficult situations, thoughts and emotions that we may not want to. To make better sense of the statement, let us put it this way, that whenever we move towards our values – or towards anything that is truly personally meaningful to us – we experience difficult thoughts and negative emotions are triggered.

The unconscious mind does not operate the way we wish it would. Oftentimes, it draws negative memories and use it as a filter when we begin to view the current moment or perceive a successful yet challenging future.

This programming of the unconscious mind is what kept us safe over the years, it draws records of memories used as filters whether a situation is safe, dangerous or neutral.

Unfortunately, it is also the same mental function that keeps us from moving forward and take risks in our careers, relationships and many other aspects of life. In short, the very thing that makes us feel “stuck.”

If you want to be successful in a new relationship, you most certainly need to accept that there will be difficult thoughts and emotions that are going to be part of your romantic journey. But if you fear getting hurt, then you don’t pursue a relationship.

However, since a relationship is of value to you, meaning you really want it, not having it is also something you most likely fear. In this case, you stand in between fears that your mind created but are not really present.