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How Top Earners In Jeunesse Prospect, Recruit And Enroll Customers And Reps on Facebook :Max Steingart

Discover... The Simple Formula..... that can have you talking to perfect prospects about your business anywhere in the world and closing a sale today.(WARNING: This produces immediate results and is so much fun it can become addicting!) "For the first time in the 5 years that I’ve been in network marketing, I’m finally successful, thanks to you. I couldn’t believe how easy it really was until you showed me exactly what to do. Within 4 months I became the #2 Top Producer in my company.
I wish I had met you years ago. I’ve taken every network marketing course out there and bought into so many things but never saw much success.
As a result of all the breakthroughs I had with you, I created a 6 figure income in my business!"

~Susanne Saousen  You’re About To Discover The Real Secrets To Connecting With Perfect Prospects On Facebook, Building A Local And International Team Of Top Performers And Becoming A Top Earner In Your Business.I’m Going To Show You Step By Step Exactly How To:Instantly Connect With Perfect Prospects.Communicate With Them At Will.Close The Sale In Less Than An Hour A Day!I’ve put everything you need to know about prospecting and recruiting on Facebook into this all inclusive training program.Why Should You Listen To Me AndHow My Formula Will Help You Succeed I’m Max Steingart and twenty-one years ago, I broke the code to a social network called America Online ( AOL ) and developed a ‘simple formula’ that helped me add thousands of like minded people to a network marketing business in 18 months.Since then, I trained and shared the formula with hundreds of thousands of network marketers who in turn have trained and influenced the millions of people that they work with.The formula works for everyone and produces immediate results on Facebook.

The people who have consistently applied the formula have risen to the top of their company’s and earned millions of dollars.
Some top earners have gone on to create and market their own versions of the formula. So, if you’ve purchased someone else’s program and my information looks familiar, now you know where theirs came from.
The Bottom Line is ...if the formula worked for me and the hundreds of thousands of others that I have trained, then it’s going to work for you too. It’s that simple!
Luckily, you don't have to just take my word for it.
The testimonials on this page from well respected industry leaders, top earners, Business Owners and people just getting started in a wide range of companies speak for themselves. “You are making such a difference. I am excited to plug my people into your system, and it's something I have never done before because I have never found anything that I could trust, that was safe.  This is easy to duplicate and produces immediate results. You give people what to say. If they can copy and paste, they are golden! With your method, retention goes through the roof."
~Sandi Cohen,  Xango Top Earner
How Would You Feel If You Had An Endless Flow Of Highly Prequalified Free Leads And No Longer Had To Spend Money On Advertising And Marketing?

How Would You Feel If You Could Prospect And Recruit At Will With Just Your Fingers And Didn’t Need Any Kind Of Technical Knowledge?
Using my proven strategies...You can.
How Would You Feel If You Knew You Could Make A Sale Every Day And Your New Recruits Could Duplicate The Process Immediately?
Once you get your hands on these Facebook strategies, you can teach them to your team so everyone grows their business bigger and faster everywhere in the world.
How Would You Feel If You Could Fast Track Your Business By Recruiting Top Quality Prospects And Increase Your Income Faster?
Everything you need to know about marketing on Facebook has been put into this very special training. Your income will explode when you teach others how to do the same things.
The Secret to My Success is...
Building Local & Global Teams Leveraging
The Power Of Facebook!
The "techniques" I will share with you will help you skyrocket your business to levels you never thought possible and build an amazing residual income. Let me ask you this...
Are You Doing What 99% Of Network Marketers Are Already Doing On Facebook And Failing?
Using Social Media to recruit people is nothing new right? Most of the Top Earners in the industry are doing it...but they never tell you how. And there’s nothing wrong with that but…Know this: Having a systematic way of training your people will do a lot more for your business than anything else. Let's face it, if your people are having immediate success and making money right away there not going to quit, right!
“I have known Max for years now. He is absolutely the World's expert when it comes to knowing how to build your business utilizing the social networks and his teaching material is the best that I have seen anywhere. I'm excited about what Max is teaching me. I haven't seen anything even remotely close to what Max is doing anywhere else, so I really encourage you to take advantage of his training. I really appreciate the results that members of our team are already experiencing. GIVE IT A TRY!”

~Margie Alaprandi,  Modere International Crown Diamond

"Max, I haven't seen anything that will impact my industry like your training's since the introduction of video tapes back in 1988. I want everyone in my organization to hear them. I've never recommended any generic training program that was developed outside my company until now!"~Brent Bryson“But the Facebook rules and regulationsmake connecting with people really hard… right Max?”
Don’t worry. I’m going to show you the best 
time-tested ways to connect with perfect 
prospects. Not only have I discovered these 
techniques but have also proven them over 
the last several decades and they are totally 
fine with Facebook. I’ll also show you how to 
navigate any anti-spamming rules and find 
perfect leads for your business.Imagine 
Arriving Anywhere And Being Able 
To Show Others How To Build A 
Powerful Team of Local & Global 
Reps That Will Help Grow Your 
Business & Theirs?
Using my proven strategies...You will be able to drop 
down anywhere in the world, with anyone on your team, 
and quickly show them how to start building a powerful 
team of their own anywhere they need to.Your 
Income Will Explode By Teaching 
Others How To Build Local & 
Global Teams Using Facebook
Once you get your hands on these strategies for 
building local & global organizations with Facebook, 
you’ll be able to pass on this knowledge to others or 
save time and send them to me. You will soon have 
multiple highly successful teams working in different 
communities around the world. Want To Fast 
Track Your Way To Recruiting 
Top Quality Teams Locally & 
Globally To Grow Your Income?
Everything I’ve learned about Facebook marketing 
to create local & global teams-I’ve put into a series 
of watch over my shoulder videos. "I am so 
excited to use your system to help my 
team. I have to share. I have a gal Kim 
who signed up 16 people this month; 
Fred 11; Jean 8; Nancy 8; Tiffany 6 and 
Ed 6.

These are all brand new people seeing 
success right off the bat. I’ve never been 
able to teach that many people how to 
have so much success in their first month. 
I love it!"

~Gena, Network Marketing Top Earner

“Social Media is solely responsible for 
my business going from $150K a year 
to $750 a year and growing, and it all 
happened in a relatively short period 
of time. I met two of my biggest business 
builders on Facebook using your methods! 
There are masterful ways to do it that will 
save you time and when you work with 
pros like Max you get there much faster, 
I highly endorse him and urge you to 
Plug In!”

~Ronda Coallier,  Million Dollar Earner Isagenix
Works No Matter What Opportunity You’re In
I’ve been helping network marketers,
affiliate marketers and business 
owners of all kinds get more leads, 
recruit more reps, make more SALES 
and become Top Earners in a 
plethora of companies for over 20 
years. And I assure you that it 
doesn’t matter what you know, or 
how much confidence you have. 
Anyone can follow my simple 
formula and achieve success.
This is a proven easy way 
to bring your 'warm market' 
friends into your business 
that is so enjoyable it can 
become an addicting activity. 
I’ll show you how to connect with 
everyone you know in your existing 
warm market and have them buy 
from you without being rejected. 
Rather than chase your friends they 
will chase you.
If you don’t have many friends or 
have totally burned through your 
warm market, you’re going to learn 
the easy way to make new friends 
and connect with strangers who 
need and want what you’re selling.
I’ll show you how to connect with everyone you know in your existing warm market and have them buy from you without being rejected. Rather than chase your friends they will chase you.
If you don’t have many friends or have totally burned through your warm market, you’re going to learn the easy way to make new friends and connect with strangers who need and want what you’re selling.

You’ll learn how and where to find ideal prospects on Facebook that are a perfect fit for your business fast! They’ll be happy to hear from you, eager to buy from you and ready to join your team.
You’ll be able to connect with complete strangers with the precision of a laser; insure that everyone accepts your friend requests and answers your messages; and close a sale in less than an hour a day.
The First And Only Facebook Home Study
Course You’ll Ever Need
Often Imitated But Never Duplicated
It’s not what works in network marketing. It’s What duplicates!!
My Facebook Formula contains everything you need to grow your business recruiting people locally, regionally and internationally. It produces immediate results that can be easily duplicated by your new recruits within days of enrolling in their business.
These strategies are behind the success of many of the 6 figure income earners in your business. I’ll walk you through the process step by step, screen by screen and word by word so you maximize your success as a network marketer. Many people report making sales after watching the first video.
Think You Can Get This Training
Elsewhere? Think Again.
There is a lot great information available to you out there that can produce results for you on Facebook over time. What you’re about to learn is faster, easy to do and produces IMMEDIATE RESULTS.
Simply follow the formula and it will fill your sales funnel with eager prospects who are ready to buy from you.
If you’ve purchased someone else’s program and my information looks familiar, now you know where their information came from.
What Will This Cost Me?
The value of the information included could easily be worth thousands of dollars as it contains everything you need to know in a simplified manner to dramatically increase your business. For a limited time you can get my entire Facebook Formula home study video training series revealing everything you need to create a never-ending supply of hot prospects and make a sale every day for the astonishingly low price of just $397!
You deserve a fun, flexible, stress-free recruiting solution that produces immediate results… and a simple “non-techie” system you can follow to secure your own six-figure income.

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How to Make a Millionaire in Network Marketing

 (Getting New Members Started in Network Marketing): 
  • Learn from someone who already knows how to do it and just do what they are doing.
  • Find someone who is coachable.
  • Teach them something that duplicates very quick
  • With technology these days you can get a lot of people using an effective system and things can happen fast.
What type of systems should leaders put in place for their teams in order to be successful?
  • Anything you would do one on one (master the little things)
  • how to invite someone to a presentation through excitement and enthusiasm.
  • Get them in front of a person that has success
  • that might mean finding that person who is documented  a get them to do every single video that you would do one on one.
  • build relationships by listening, find what they want out of this, instead of telling them that you want them to do something.
  • design a simple game plan to get them what they want.
The simple metrics to track
  1. How many people's interest did you peak today
  2. How many did you get to watch a video
  3. How many people did you get to make a decision about their level of commitment (try the product, become a part time or full time business builder )
Don't just get people into your business and abandon them. This is the most crucial step. It is so important to get your new reps their first check. The first check is so powerful because it let that person know they can do it. It gets them addicted.
The Big Takeaway
You have to humble yourself and ask for help. Find a mentor that has walked the path that  you want to walk. You don't have to learn every skill, you just need to start with the ones that get results.
What can you do to be a better mentor?
Stop being the big fish in a small pond, get out there and surround yourself with people who know more than you. Check out Here
Surround yourself with the best and you will be the best -Scott Hache

The Hottest Recruiting Scripts in network marketing

Example #4 – To a cold market prospect who’s done a fine job selling you some shoes

Example #4 – To a cold market prospect who’s done a fine job selling you some shoes

Prospect Name ____________________

Prospect Contact Info_______________________

(step 1 - Page 4)
Insert “In a hurry” script Now isn’t the time to get into this and I have to go but…

(step 2 - Page 5)
Insert compliment You are super sharp 

(step 3 - Page 7)
Insert invite based upon the approach you’ve chosen and I happen to be looking for some sharp people. Do you plan on doing what you’re doing now for the rest of your career? No? Good. I have something that might interest you.

 (step 4 - Page 12)Now’s not the time to get into it, but I have a DVD that explains it all in great detail .“If I gave it to you, would you watch it?”

(step 5 - Page 13) “When do you think you could watch it  for sure?”

(step 6 - Page 14)So if I called you after that, you’ll have reviewed it for sure, right?”

(step 7 - Page 15)Alright, I’ll check back with you then  “What’s the best number and time for me to call”

Date:_________ Time:________ Number:_________

 (step 8 - Page 15) Okay, here it is. Thanks again for the excellent service and I’ll talk to you soon. 

 Now isn’t the time to get into this and I have to go but…

 You are super sharp

 and I happen to be looking for some sharp people. Do you plan on doing what you’re doing now for the rest of your career? No? Good. I have something that might interest you.

 gave it to you,.........      watch it

 Now’s not the time to get into it, but I have a DVD that explains it all in great detail .

 Alright, I’ll check back with you then .

watch it

So if I called you after that

 Okay, here it is. Thanks again for the excellent service and I’ll talk to you soon. 

Join NOW Sign Up

Are you feeling the flow of how this works? Obviously there are many possible variations for different kinds of prospects but I hope these examples helped you to understand how everything comes together.

And in terms of scripts, it’s best of you get the basic concepts down and don’t focus too hard on the exact script. Life doesn’t work that way. But if you learn to let them know you’re in a hurry, compliment them, invite the best way possible, pass on the tool with If I, Would You, confirm through the process I described and get off the phone, you’ll do fine.

And remember, in recruiting there are no good or bad experiences. Just learning experiences. On your journey to become a Network Marketing Professional, the best thing that can happen is you develop the skills to recruit on demand, in any situation. Then you never have to worry about being lucky. Practice practice practice.

There’s only so much I could include in this special free thank you gift and this information alone won’t take you all the way there. That’s why I’ve created Go Pro – How to become a Network Marketing Professional, which will help you with more information on how to grow your business right. If you’re really serious about your Network Marketing career, you really need to own that program. To get your website and take your business to another level, please go to  right now. And JOIN ME . You’ll be glad you did.

My wish for YOU is that you decide to become a Network Marketing Professional, that you decide to Go Pro. It is a stone cold FACT that we have a better way. Now let’s go tell the world.

Your Friend and Partner,
 Soong See Choo

Network Marketing Pro Invitation Worksheet

Network Marketing Pro Invitation Worksheet

Prospect Name _________________________________

Prospect Contact Info ____________________________

step 1 - Page 4)
Insert “In a hurry” script__________________________

(step 2 - Page 5)
Insert compliment ____________________________

step 3 - Page 7)
Insert invite based upon the approach you’ve chosen___

 (step 4 - Page 12)
“If I ,____________________would you_____________?”

(step 5 - Page 13)
“When do you think you could____________ for sure?”

(step 6 - Page 14)

_____________ , you’ll have reviewed it for sure, right?”

(step 7 - Page 15)

 _________“What’s the best number and time for me to call”

Date:_________ Time:_______ Phone Number:_________

 (step 8 - Page 15)__________________________________