Today, there is so much noise out there about business opportunities and it’s hard to know if you’re being sold something good or whether it’s just a pitch. How do you know if something you’re looking at is worth your time and effort?
In this article,  am going to break it down to the basics and show you what you need to know in order to choose the right opportunity and start creating success online.
For those of you who already have an online business, this will show how to have success working from home or on your computer anywhere in the world.
Qualities of a Perfect Online Business Opportunity.
#1. Have a low ticket sale.
It’s crucial that you have something that is affordable to most people around the world. This opens up u a world of possibilities. This will help you open the field to the masses and get more sales by getting people to say yes to something that is of low cost and affordable.
A low ticket sale is something that costs around $19-$50. It allows you to filter those who are serious from those who are just curious. And if the person does not like the product, they don’t have to lose much. They can always opt out without occurring a huge loose.
#2. A slightly higher Up-sale.
If someone can afford to pay for a low ticket product and manage to get value from the product, then they are most likely to buy a slightly higher valuable product. Always aim at getting involved with opportunities that will be of tremendous value to your customers.
#3. Down Sale Product.
It’s important to make sure that all your products are congruent. Because the down sale works when someone cannot afford to buy something that is slightly higher.
It gives you an opportunity to introduce them to something slightly lower and within their comfort zone.
That way it shows that you’re interested in helping your customers get value without straining their budget.
#4. A Time offer Product.
You need to align yourself with a company that provides one time offers. This kind of products allows you to get a quick injection of revenue for your business to help cover your marketing expenses.
A one-time offer product is a kind of product with tremendous value that is introduced for a limited time at a low cost before the prices go higher.  People are always interested in buying value at a discounted rate.
#5. High Ticket Sales offer.
A high ticket offer frees you from being a slave to low ticket offers by creating high commissions for you, without doing any more work. So when people are introduced into your business with a low ticket product, don’t consider that relationship closed.
You always have to look at relationships with your customers as just beginning. Because once these customers start trusting you when they see that you giving them value, then it’s easier for you to introduce them to a higher ticket product.
These products usually range from $2000-. However, your customers have to have a desire for change, growth and transformation for their lives that will drive them to buy.
#6. Residual Income/Continuity
Whatever system you’re involved with, should be able to provide you with a monthly residual income. This kind of offer allows you to get paid whether you continue working more hours a day or less. You do the work once recruiting people and continue getting paid as long as those people continue being active members.
It also frees up your time to work on other things while being certain that money is coming. The system has to keep reinventing and never ceasing to provide value to its customers.
#7. Leveraging other people’s Efforts.
This helps you to teach your team to duplicate your efforts and strategies, so that with time you can leverage their efforts to help your earn money. You only make money when your team makes money, so it's in your best interest to help them succeed.  
You don’t even have to be great at sales; you just have to have a passion for helping people transform their lives, that’s what makes a great leader. People continue being members because of your leadership and your efforts to help them succeed.
So make sure you’re involved with a system that you can leverage to ask for the sale for you, a system that other people can duplicate and create success.
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