Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog/blogger: is it hope or hype?

The only constant factor in all known existence is change. Furthermore, that change is unpredictable by nature. It is only in the acceptance of being in the state of not knowing what comes next, that one finds enlightenment and hence joy in the absolutely unfathomable mystery of life and death.

You'll probably agree with me that we're all of us inmates in this loony bin we're created here on Earth, and it is for this precise reason I am proud to provide this post/warning to what can only be described as a totally insane text, and hope you derive as much pleasure and benefit from it as I have.

On the initial read-through I was amused and bewilded.

On the second run-through, although I still had some mild feelings of queasiness and disorientation, I was starting to wonder if these wasn't perhaps something in what s/he was saying/posting.

By the third time around, I was forced to admit, bemusedly, that thiscollection of loosely-woven histories (every moment spent is just another history in the all histories, right?) of a group of highly bizarre individuals was in fact of the utmost profundity and importance to the world.

What initially appeared as utter nonsense, suddenly came alive to me as a living metaphor for the absolute absurdity of the so-called real-life stories of the countless people I have had the privilege of drawing into conversation, during the course of my extensive comment-'travels' on this crazy planet.

This is an unlikely expedition into the deeper realms of the human psyche.

This blog deals radically with the theme pf quantum personal transformation, something occuring with greater and greater frequency and intensity in people's lives at this time, as the thrust for evolution accelerates against a backdrop of impending catastrophe.

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