Saturday, June 23, 2018

Stages of Storage

Stages of Storage
1. Think about your possessions—Keep only what is truly necessary.

Take pictures and look for unnecessary items.

Keep only things that are meaningful to you.

2. Think about the shape of storage—Plan storage so that it fits into your life.

Gather items in one place to create open space.

Stay flexible
Choose storage that allows for change in size and use.

Eliminate mess, imbalance, and disorganization.

3. Think about how to store items—Consider how items are used when storing them.

Organize items by user, purpose, and place.

Store by frequency and purpose, and lastly, label.

Hang items in small spaces, which saves space while easy to access.

4. Think about enriching your life—Enjoy your life through changing seasons and cherished items.

Plan your life using efficient design and highly versatile products. Achieve a simple, pleasant life that lets your personality shine.

We only create products that are necessary in everyday life, in forms that are truly necessary.

MUJI has remained true to this philosophy since it was founded in 1980. The idea of what is truly necessary differs from person to person. Individuals become attached to different things and have different priorities in life. Our vision of Compact Life is a simple and comfortable life that embodies the particular values of an individual. 

The MUJI Compact Life vision does not involve living without material goods or living in a minimal sense. With the help of versatile products designed for organising life, the personality of the individual can truly be reflected. 


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