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Anna Phua"s Cooking Class

(Enjoy $5 discount with advance booking)May Schedule 2012
7 May2012, Mon,2 pm / 7 pm,$65,
by Anna Phua.
Japanese High Fiber Kanten Jelly (1)
Kanten Mocha Pudding
Tokyo Almond Tofu
Caramel Egg Pudding
Chocolate Kahlua Pudding
Learned 23-April, class fee: $55
8 May2012 Tue, 2 pm / 7pm, $60
by Mrs Lim
Commercial Class
Oyster Omelette

Deep Fried Oyster Kueh

Deep Fried Choy Kueh
9 May 2012 Wed,2 pm / 7 pm, $65,
by Mdm Chee
Delicious Cake Making
Steamed Egg cake (Big)
Steamed Rice cupcake (Wa Ko Kueh)
Tiramisu Creps Layer Cake
10 May 2012 Thur, 2 pm, $85,
by Chef Akemi Yasui
Japanese Salad Series
• Tofu Lasagna White Sauce
Quick & easy meat sauce (use pork)
Tofu Cheese
• Japanese Cucumber & Jelly Fish Salad
• Japanese Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Salad
11 May2012, Fri,2 pm / 7 pm,$70,
by Mrs Lim
Traditional Delicades
Fried Traditional ''Mee Tay''

Steamed Alkaline Kueh (with syrup)

Fried Tapioca Flour Kueh
12 May 2012, Sat,1 pm – 4pm, $90,
Teacher Janice & Jean
Yummylicious Sweet Treats
Bluberry Roll Cake
Walnut Black Sesame Chiffon Cake
Crunchy Potato Chocolate Chips Cookies
Petite Vanilla Pound Cake
Feather Like Sponge Cake
Bonus:Refreshing Yuzu Drink
16 May2012 Wed,2 pm / 7 pm, $80,
by Mrs Lim
Vegetarian Dumpling Making
Vegetarian Nonya Dumpling

Hokkien Spice Vegetarian Pork Dumpling
18 May Fri,2 pm / 7 pm,$55,
by Mrs Lim
Traditional Ku Kueh
Traditional Aw Ku Kueh (salted green bean

Nonya Ang Ku Kueh (Green Bean Paste)

Yam Ku Kueh (Yam Paste)
19 May 2012, Sat, 2 pm, $55,
*$30for purchase of 3.5 P Juice Blender
by Anna Phua
Energy Boost Vege Fruit Juice
Breakfast Juice
Vege Fruit Soy Shake (treats constipation & for
radiant skin)

Banana Shake

Pumpkin Germ Cell Milk (increases immunity,
prevents constipation, energy)

Brown Rice Walnut Peanut Paste (de-stress, brain
and skin health)

Kiwi Energy Juice (super detox)
21 May 2012, Mon,2 pm / 7 pm, $65,
by Anna Phua & Susan Lee
Auntie Susan's Secret Recipe
Glutinous Rice
Coconut Huat Kueh
Nonya Kuey-Ko-Swee
22 May Tue,2 pm / 7 pm, $60,
by Mrs Lim
Vegetarian Cuisine
Special Vegetarian Sharksfin Soup

Sweet & Sour Vegetarian Crispy Pork Ribs

Vegetarian Mock Peking Duck
Blk 47 Sims Place #01-173 Singapore 380047 Office:62943588, ( 65) 67470069 Fax: (65 )67470021
Anna's Cooking Arts
May Schedule 2012,23 May Wed, 2 pm / 7 pm,$80.
by Teacher Jean
French Pudding & Cupcake
French Sweet Potato Caramel Bread Pudding

Mini Mango Cheese Cup

Strawberry Yogurt Mousse Cup

Chocolate Ganache Cupcake
24 May Thur, 2 pm / 7 pm, $85,
by Anna Phua
Commercial Gor Hiang Sausage Set
Fried Fragrant Bee Hoon

Pink Sausage

Crispy Prawn Bean Sprout Fritters

Water Chestnut Egg Cake

Gor Hiang

Secret Recipe Chilli Sauce
25 May 2012,Fri, 2 pm / 7 pm, $70.
by Mrs Lim
Commercial Class
Stock Fish & Peanut Congee

Economical Fried Bee Hoon

Fried Kuay Teow

Yam Cake

Marinated Green Chilli

Sambal Chilli
26 May Sat,1 pm -4 pm,$90,
by Teacher Janice & Jean.
Sumptuous Teacakes
• Chocolate Roll with Mango Pudding
• Citrus Tea Chiffon Cake
• Hot Chocolate Milk Sponge Cupcake
• Double Chocolate Topped with
Almond Crumbs Cookies
• Baked Donuts
Bonus: Bubble Tea Drink
28 May 2012,Mon, 2 pm / 7 pm, $55,
by Anna Phua
If Buy Juice Blender , Class Fees $30.
America Latest Healthy Fruit Smoothie
Pana Cotta Smoothie
Mint Cocoa Cooler
Mango Raspberry Smoothie
Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Chocolate Pudding
(without Fresh Milk using DIY Almond Milk)
29 May Tue, 2 pm / 7 pm, $75,
by Mrs Lim.
Chinese Restaurant Cooking
Stewed Kampong Chicken with Ginseng & Abalone

Mushroom Gui Hua Fried Yee Mee

Braised Oyster Sauce Mushroom

Braised Mushroom and Japanese Abalone Clams with

Belly Pork










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