Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be a Canine Masseuse under Pawsensitive Sensation Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship under Pawsitive Sensations – Details for 2012 Application
1)    Eligibility Criteria:
a)    Must be at least 18 years old
b)    Must be literate in English and one other language
c)    Be dedicated to the well-being and health of all canines
d)    Hardworking and willing to learn
e)    Must have a high moral standard and sense of responsibility at work
f)     A customer-  and patient- oriented individual
g)    Class 3 Licence (manual) is a bonus but not a must.

2)    Program:
a)    Learning of techniques from Zoe Gan (owner and canine massage therapist @ Pawsitive Sensations) Linda Lee & Michelle Lim (Assistant canine massage practitioner)
i)      About 20% theory & 80% hands on practicum
ii)     Will experience at least 40 actual practical sessions
iii)    By end of apprenticeship, student will have knowledge of many different types of breeds, age, characters of dogs.
b)    Learning theory of canine physiology
c)    Learning of homeopathic healthcare
d)    Understand and applying the concept of holistic care for dogs
e)    Learning the running of Pawsitive Sensations business

3)    Duration and Cost:
a)    Apprenticeship is for 5 to 6 months to become an Assistant Canine Massage Practitioner (Assistant CMP)
i)      Monthly fee of $400 for 4 months
ii)     20 to 25 hours of training per week.
iii)    Allowed to work off fee cost by working as a doggy boot camp sergeant or other positions outside of training hours as is convenient to Pawsitive Sensations
iv)   Bonded to Pawsitive Sensations for 18 months upon successful completion (subject to pro-rating if position available upon completion is part-time)
b)    Additional 8 to 12 months to become a Canine Massage Practitioner (CMP)
i)      Monthly fee of $300 for 6 months
ii)     15 hours of training per week
iii)    Bonded to Pawsitive Sensations for 18 months upon successful completion.

4)    Benefits of learning under Pawsitive Sensations
a)    Numerous chances for hands-on learning on many different breeds and health issues. This is something that you cannot get through distance-learning courses or theory courses. You will essentially be gaining valuable experience during the apprenticeship at Pawsitive Sensations.
b)    Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship to Assistant CMP, you will work at Pawsitive Sensations as a full-time or part-time qualified ACMP.
c)    Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship to CMP, you will work at Pawsitive Sensations as a full-time or part-time qualified CMP.
d)    All assistant CMPs and CMPs will also receive a commission of 10% for each dog they massage and treat on top of the monthly salary received.
e)    Performance bonuses will be given at the end of every year (prorated accordingly) based on each practitioner’s competence level, value and feedback from clients.
f)     Pawsitive Sensations reserves the right to convert full-time position to a part-time position and pro-rate bonded period as necessary.

5)    Application Procedure:
a)    Application Form must be duly filled in and submitted by 30th Nov 2011.
i)      Softcopies should be sent to
b)    Shortlisted applicants will be notified by 5th Dec 2011 for an interview.
c)    Further shortlisted applicants will be required join us for 1 full day as a working interview.
d)    Successful apprentice will be selected by 31st Dec 2011.
e)    There is only 1 position for apprenticeship available this round.
f)     If you do not succeed this round, you may reapply the next time.

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