Saturday, November 6, 2010

Greater and Lesser

Godliness alone can supply the true motive for patriotism , there is riot in patriotism. Earthly rulers hold their places only by divne apointment or permission. Even if i cannot always respect the man/woman who fills the executive office i will alwys honour the office which holds the man/woman.When Peter wrote, "Fear God" and "Honour the king", the man on the throne was Nero, one of the vilest monsters who ever disgraced the crown and scepter. Those early Jewish Chrisians were not the only ones who have been so placed. "As king I adore thee; as man I abhor thee," said a brave old philosopher to his royal master.

There is a false patriotism arising from racial pride or selfishness ; and there is a true patriotism grounded in God's divine wisdom, which seeks supremely the moral and spiritual wellbeing of one's country. There is a nationalism which is competitive, jealous, fierce, intolerant of others ; and there can be a nationalism which is godly, co-operative and contributory to the good of all.

Christians should always render special loyalty to upright and godly rulers, both in the ballot box and in all their behaviour. Godliness never makes violent ractionaries against proper law and order. Christians should be the best patriotic upright citizens. Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's, Jesus said.

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