Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Strength Through Struggles, struggles produce strength

Everytime I begin to feel that there just isn't anymore strength in me,
I end up knowing that there is more ... in Christ.

If we are saved there will be struggles to face,
asking God's help is wise not a sign of disgrace.

Each of us must learn for our own good,
to surrender daily to God, now I've learn to die daily, if we're to do as we should.

A sign of our surrender is the ability to forgive,
then a life led daily by God is what we'll live.

Being free of the things that would hold us back,
allows us to fulfill our divine destiny an absolute fact.

Imagine living in a mansion with no electricty,
imagine the confusion and chaos there would be.
Only able to see when the Sun is shining bright,
but no sense of direction in the dead of night.

Stumbliong about when there's no Sun to see,
is like trying to be a Christian without Christ in me.

I must confess and invite Jesus to abide within me, again.
then each day I must surrender to Him again.

Giving HIm my mind, my heart and my soul,
asking Jesus Christ to direct every word, every thought, every deed and every goal.

My surrender being absolute and complete,
from the top of my head to the bottom of my sole of my feet.

Not only my thoughts, my deeds, and my actions,
but I must also ask that Jesus Christ guide my every reaction.
The reactions I have to all I see, hear, think or feel,
by doing this I'm assured my walk in Christ is real.

No longer will the little struggles make me stumble and fall,
because every day now I give Jesus Christ my all.
Lord Jesus Christ is now my All in All.

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