Friday, January 29, 2010

These are abhorrence...

These are penetrating, searching questions and they deserve honest and basic examination.

Beside my footsteps/footprints on the sand of time :Do I leave behind :
1. a blessing and benediction behind me ?
2. peace in lives - or turmoil?
3. forgiveness - or bitterness?
4. contentment - or conflict?
5. flowers of joy - or frustration?
6. love - or rancor?

The question now comes to me pointedly, is this true of my life?

Some people leave such a sorry mess behindthem wherever they go that they prefer to cover their track.

There should never be any sense of shame or fear in going back to where I have lived or been before. Why? Because there I have left a legacy of uplift, encourangement and inspirations to others.

Am I willing to overlook faults and weaknesses in others and external forgiveness as God has forgiven me my failings? If I am unable to forgive and extend friendship to fallen men and women, then it is quite certain I know little or nothing in a practical sense of Christ Jesus ' forgiveness and mercy to me.

People come to facebook to find affection and are turned off by our tepidity?
Choose to be warm and affectionate with goodness and mecy to others. Be a benefut to them friends, but equally important, it is to be a blessing to God.

Yes, a blessing to God.

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