Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year 2010 Peaks

New year 2010 Peaks

"On the first day of the month were the tops of the mountains seen."
This is the fifth verse taken from Genesis chapter 8.
And this verse has a unique applicability to the first day of a new year.
The "tenth month " here corresponds with our January ; so the "first day " is our January first.

What an exhilarating discovery were those uncovered mountain-tops that first day! The first Great Flood was declining. God had not " forgotten to be gracious" . Those mountain-tops speak to us on the first day of this year.

What will the mew year 2010 bring, of joy or sorrow, achievement or frustration, health or worse sickness, more good or ill? We honestly cannot foresee what darkness vales or verdant plains or surprise vistas the unfolding months may unveil. Yet if we are truly's Christ's , (or if you are not Christ's yet, why not today?) we are not in total obscurity. Up from the unknown, misty morrows, certain grand securities stand out in advance view.

Dear reader-friend or stranger, there are those reassuring mountain-tops, the divine promises ; "exceeding great and precious promises " , pledging to us the divine presence , protection, provision, throughout the coming days, Oh, those sunbathed peaks, " the promises" !

1.There are the mountain-tops of spiritual possibilities . To all who have received Christ our Lord gives " power to become " (see John 1 :12). "You are . . . you shall be " (in John 1:42). Let us wrest our minds away from pathetic enchantment with " it might have been " , and say afresh , "I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me " as recorded by Paul in epistle Philippians chapter 4 verse 13.

2.There are the mountain-tops of our Christian privileges - of fellowship "with the Father and with His Son; of heavenly joy and peace and guidance imparted by His Holy Spirit ; and many more. To be or not to be is a choice you decide today for yourself.

3.There are mountain tops of challenging opportunities. How they shine always in the new-year's sun !
Forget the failures of the past, except to learn from them to trust Christ more and trust yourself less ; and prayerfully resolve on godly conquest in this new year 2010.

4.And there is that glory-capped peak , the hope of our Lord Jesus Christ's return. The darker the times, the more resplendently it shines, gilding all the unknown tomorrows with its lovely guarantee of ultimate blessedness. See the millennial world rule of Messiah-Emperor Jesus ; then the final abolition of sin, the general judgment of mankind at the great white throne, and the bringing in of the new order, with its new headquarter city, the New Jerusalem, Holy City, in which the eternal King is the glorified Lamb !

But note : (i) The mountain-tops were sen from the ark, which typified our Saviour. We must be in Him for safety. No such radiant peaks greet those who are out of Him.
(ii) They were seen from Ararat , which means "holy ground ". Without true consecration there can be but hazy vision of the higher truths. Knowing the truth set one free from darkness.
(iii) They were seen from another mountain top. We ourselves must be on a high altitude. Some of the Lord's people live, as it were, in the basement of the ark, in the twilight of a faith which is never quite sure. They lie against the ribs of the vessel, hearing the thud of the waters, and nervously asking whether the ark can survive the strain, and whether or not salvation in Christ will last. This is a joy-killing suspense. Fellow-believer, if you aren't one as yet, what's holding you back(?), as the new year comes in, climb the ark !
Gaze out from the higher places, with "assurance of faith ". Look, the "TOPS OF THE MOUNTAINS" !
Happy new year 2010 peaks we can enjoy and rejoice again !!!

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