Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Koran, Muslims, Sharia Law : Islamic jihad doctrine

The strength of a nation depends not only on its ability to fight its enemies, but also on its willingness to listen to critical voices from within. Criticism is positive power.

I have never found anything in the Koran that says sharia law must be imposed, as the terrorists demand.

Sorry, i have never found a single Islamic doctrine which says that one is an unbeliever for not participating in the jihad for sharia law.

Religious-based conflicts were mostly related to the formation of an Islamic state ruled by sharia law.

The Muslims who endorse sharia law are basically trapped in the symbolist hole : They are more concerned about the sharia law label vis-a-vis westernized and secular law.

The radical figures inspiring the efforts to enact sharia law seem to think of sharia law as a panacea for every ill suffered by Muslims.

They tend to avoid seriously thinking about the thousands of particular problems that each need their own solution.

Consequently, these radical figures are not successful in improving the quality of life of poor/poorer Muslims, for instance. With their chosen shortcuts, new disasters are created, and not justice at all.

Terrorism in any front/face is not the enemy of just one nation, but of the entire civilized world.

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