Saturday, August 22, 2009

Non believers learn more?

Learn more non believers.

Learn more about religion.

Non believers learn more? More non believer learn.

(1) Knowing about religion is essential to understand many major news stories.

(2) Many people/leaders/jounalists have mostly failed to grasp the religious context of the news.

(3) The world is religious and some people (you are just one of people) say it's getting more religious. The problem is most nationality leaders are ignorant about religious matters.

Imagine that you have no friends, no history, now.

(4) Religion has always been important for citizens/non citizens. However, most statemen/statewomen/journalists in this country prefer to avoid religious issues.

(5) The news editors/leaders/citizens should write more about religious issues, especially about the religious dimensions of conflicts. Most writing about religious by local/native journalists was shallow. There is no need to stay in this 'safe' zone anymore in cyberspace civilization anymore.

Y2K Hits and Beyond shock value.

(6) Even the politicians/leaders/clerics/editors do not discuss with deeper understanding of religious matters. But they also do not make big mistakes.

Would you save my soul tonight?

(7) In democratic societies, countries, the role of religion in politics is increasing. Democracy is giving the people their voices, and many want to talk about God, not idols.

Built to last. Never found someone like you. Nothing I can do. Most of All.

(8) The most important thing is a person/leader/journalist/blogger should understand whether the religion factor can help explain the story.

(9) Religion was and still is an important factor explaining conflicts in political, economic or even legal spheres.

Dark side of life. See Clear Now. Count twice.

(10) When there is a religious dimension in conflicts, the leaders/followers prefer to overlook it. Many politicians/news editors/journalists missed the connection between politics, the economy and religion.

Seeing Sounds. Crashing Down. You want to pay up or cash down. Sooner or Later.

(11)The present leaders just have to study more. You cannot expect someone to master religion just because they are writing/talking about religion in limited deadlines.

You have to earn it. Trust you with my money?
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